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All-in-one CSV importer + CSV file merging tool

Quick site drop in CSV importer for easy onboarding. Easily merge multiple CSV files into one.

Explorer features at a glance

No-nonsense. Just the facts.

Secure file handling

No files are uploaded to any servers. All interactions occur within the users browser.

Multiple files supported

Handles more than one file at a time with custom multifile mapping.

No-code templates

Create reusable templates with shareable links for quick imports to exports.

WYSIWYG style modeling

Offers a unique way of mapping file headers using DMV (data, model, view). Using a top-down approach, you're presented with a visual "what you see is what you get" display.

Drag and Drop column mapping

Mapping file headers are achieved by drag and drop and/or dropdown selection for an interactive and visually intuitive representation of data.

Embeddable CSV imports

Seamlessly integrate our importer into your web app with our SDK. Configure your own schema model in code, or utilize a reusable template.

Custom validation types

Create custom column validations applying validator types: Text, Number, Boolean, Choice, Datetime, Email, and custom Regex.

Review and edit validation errors

Find and repair errors in review before final data submission.

Streaming and export

Stream final data to your web app from an embedded CSV importer or into an exported CSV file.

Common file types accepted


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